Precisely changelog
Precisely changelog

Let your signees sign contracts directly on your device




We’ve added the possibility to sign Precisely contracts directly in our platform, without emails being involved.

This means that your signees are able to sign agreements directly on your device (e.g. tablet or an iPad), which makes the entire signing process faster and more efficient if the signing takes place in person.

In-person signing 2.png

In-person signing is an additional feature. Read more about the functionality and the benefits.

API improvement: Embedded signing




We now support embedded signing as a part of our Public API.

This means that your signees can sign Precisely contracts directly in your own system - for example: your software, app or website. No emails involved.

Let your counterparties sign directly in your own environment, while all the contracting magic behind is being automated and securely stored in a single source of truth: Precisely - the Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform. Read more

Sign Precisely contracts with Egreement




Precisely contracts can now also be signed with 🇸🇪Egreement: a Swedish electronic signature solution that lets your counterparties sign with:

  • click to eSign
  • Swedish BankID

P.S: You're even able to choose between the two methods for each signee separately. Read more

Sign contract with SmartID (the Baltics)




To enable more local e-signing cases, we now support signing contracts in Precisely with SmartID - a qualified electronic signature (QES) used in the three Baltic countries - Estonia🇪🇪, Lithuania🇱🇹, and Latvia🇱🇻.

Screenshot 2022-10-11 at 13.19.00.png

SmartID is a part of Precisely’s partnership with Scrive signing provider. We can either set up Precisely’s Scrive account for the customer, or they can use their own Scrive subscription. Read more

Formula warnings and error notifications




We've improved the error handling of formulas.

If there’s an invalid formula in the template - for example, the reference in it has been deleted from the settings - users will be directly notified in their template overview and the editor.

Invalid formula.png

Add Precisely reminders to your calendar




To improve visibility for the users and let them plan their work better, we've added the possibility to integrate users' Precisely reminders into their work calendar - such as Outlook or Google Calendar.

Google Calendar.png

Click here to read all about the installation.

Sign contracts with Danish MitID




We now support signing contracts in Precisely with Danish MitID.

This is a part of Scrive integration, where counterparties are able to sign with

🇸🇪 Swedish BankID

🇳🇴 Norwegian BankID

🇩🇰 Danish NemID (+ New: MitID)

🇫🇮 Finnish eIDs

🇩🇪 Verimi (Germany)

🔘 Click to eSign, and

📱PIN by SMS.

Scrive integration is an additional feature. Learn more

Accessing and downloading signed documents via platform




Once everyone has signed the agreement, all parties will receive a confirmation email where they have the possibility to access and/or download the document.

  • Users with access to the document in the platform will be taken to the document overview in the Archive, where they can view and/or download the document
  • Users with no access to the document in the platform (e.g. external signees) will be able to download the document after entering an additional authentication code.

Screenshot 2022-10-04 at 11.43.56.png

We no longer attach a PDF of a signed copy directly in the email, which is due to the fact that

  • Precisely environment is more secure than attachments in the emails
  • We at Precisely can handle larger file sizes than the email service providers

Approval workflow improvements




To manage complex approval workflows more easily, we’ve improved warnings and notifications.

  1. When a user - who’s also been an approver - is removed from the organisation, you’re able to see which parts of the approval workflow are affected.

Approvals - Invalid User.png

  1. When an approval rule is a specific answer to a multiple-choice question, you’ll be warned if this answer is renamed or deleted.

Approvals - Invalid Rule.png

Sign contracts with Adobe Acrobat Sign




To enable more flexible signing, it is now possible to sign contracts in Precisely with Adobe Acrobat Sign.

By using Adobe Acrobat Sign in the Precisely Platform, users can

  • choose the placement of the signature in the contract
  • customize and add more detailed information about the signees
  • automatically add signees’ initials on the footer of every page

In order to be able to set up Adobe Acrobat Sign for your organization, users must have their own subscription. Are you already using Adobe Acrobat Sign and wish to connect it to Precisely? Just get in touch!